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Long Lasting Natural Dog Chews

Onward Hound Elk Antler Chews - Hypoallergenic & Natural Dog Chews

Onward Hound Elk Antler Chews - Hypoallergenic & Natural Dog Chews

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  • NATURAL & TOP QUALITY DOG CHEW: Onward Hound elk antlers for dogs are shed naturally in the wild and go through a hands on grading process for weight, density, color, freshness, length, and shape. It’s hard to beat Grade A antler dog chews!
  • ENRICHMENT, BOREDOM BUSTER: Bring hours of chewing enrichment to your canine companion with our dog elk antlers. Onward Hound dog chew antlers won't crack, chip, or peel — making them ideal dog chew toys for aggressive chewers!
  • PACKED WITH NUTRIENTS: Elk antlers provide digestible minerals like potassium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, zinc, glucosamine and calcium for your pup’s joints, fur and overall wellness. Onward Hound elk antler dog chews are also odorless, preservative-free, steroid-free, fat-free, and won’t trigger upset stomachs and sensitivities!
  • NO ODOR OR MESS LEFT BEHIND: Our deer antlers for dogs are not wet or greasy by nature! Rest assured that you can let your pet enjoy chewing their dog antler inside, outside, or wherever they please!
  • PICK THE PERFECT SIZE: Whole elk antlers for dogs of every size! Refer to our sizing chart for your pet’s perfect fit and always supervise your dog during rack chewing sessions. Antlers are hard and aggressive chewing could lead to tooth breakage.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Onward Hound Elk Antlers come from?

Wild elk range all through the rocky mountains with heavy concentrations in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Each year elk will naturally shed their antlers and leave them for foragers to gather in season. We keep our operations close to the source to give you the best deal we can on these awesome instinctual chews.

What are the risks of Elk Antlers for Dogs?

Elk antlers are one of the hardest chews that you can give your dog; as such, it's important to watch how aggressively your dog chews their antler. If your dog appears to be trying to bite through the antler, rather than gnawing or chewing it, you should consider giving them a break from it.

What is the best size antler for my dog?

The best way to gauge which antler is right for your dog is by starting with their weight and sizing up if your dog is an aggressive chewer. We recommend a medium antler for dogs 15-35lbs, a large antler for dogs 30-65lbs, an XL antler for dogs 60-95lbs and a Super Chewer for dogs 90lbs and up.

"Rue takes her antler everywhere! If it's in the toy basket its the first thing she goes for every time. We love that there's no mess that comes with her enjoying it and have fully switched away from other chews."

- Lauren A.

Get Twice the Focus with a Variety of Treats and Chews!

Try multiple flavors of Belly Benefits to get the right fit for your dog's training sessions and rewards or mix things up with an Elk Antler chew to bust boredom and keep the mind occupied!